Dortmund wants to sign Yarmolenko

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Dortmund wants to sign Yarmolenko

Postby fifa17coins » Mon Aug 28, 2017 8:11 am

Dortmund last week officially put the team striker Deng Beilei sold to Barcelona, earning more than 100 million euros transfer fee, cheap fifa 18 coins although the transfer fee income is not cheap, but left to Dortmund to find Deng Beilei replacement time is running out. According to the German media "kicker" reported that Dortmund re-ignited the interest of the Ukrainian international Yarmo even Branch.
As the Bundesliga new season has been in full swing, the transfer market will soon be closed, Dortmund will not go to the transfer of signings such as Deng Beilei as young talent, but will introduce a rich experience that Combat power, it is best to have the team had already learned the players. In line with this condition of the players, Yalmo even Branch has undoubtedly become the most popular.
In fact, Dortmund's interest in Yalomolenko has long been a long time, as early as the summer of 2015, Dortmund and Yalomulianko came between the transfer scandal, but at that time due to various reasons, Dortmund and Kiev Dina Mo reached an agreement. cheap fifa coins Subsequent winter transfer period, Dortmund again to Yalomo Lianke offensive, but let the matter. This time for more than three times for the introduction of Yalomolenko, in accordance with the "kicker" argument, this time Dortmund is bound to get.
Yalomolenko, 27 years old, is the main player of the Ukrainian national team, has played for the country 69 times scored 29 goals, he played for the 12,000 Dynamo Kiev scored 137 goals, is a very high efficiency The attacker. According to the Ukrainian media reports, Yalomolenko transfer will not encounter too many obstacles, if all goes well, he will go to Dortmund in recent days to participate in physical examination, his transfer fee is expected to 25 million euros.
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Dortmund wants to sign Yarmolenko

Postby ROBOT » Mon Aug 28, 2017 8:11 am

Oh, hey fifa17coins !

Dortmund wants to sign Yarmolenko? Humm, interesting!
Well well, let's see what others have to say on that matter :geek:
I personally think that Dortmund wants to sign Yarmolenko...
Nah, i dunno... never mind...

I 'm just here to raise the post count. What do i know, right?
I have feelings too!
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