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Postby Randis » Sun Nov 08, 2015 3:05 am

( i will keep this forum locked for now to keep it free from topics that do not belong here)

:arrow: Looking for crafting recipes, check out this thread: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=317

:arrow: how to rotate the character in place using mouse: left-click on the hero and hold the mouse button while moving the cursor around the hero.

:arrow: how to rotate the character in place using Keyboard: press and hold space-bar and use directional movement keys to change orientation

:arrow: diagonal walking with keyboard: the keys QWEASDZC are mapped for all 8 directions as well as the numbers on the numpad

:arrow: Item spawned on top of a statue or other prop and you cannot reach it, what do? stand on a rile next to it and rightlick the item with the mouse, it will open a command popup that lets you observe or collect the item. With a joypad you can press the triangle button (on ps) or "Y" on logitech or "R" on keyboard

:arrow: Pet died, what do? Take it to the Vet in the village or give the KO pet as an offering to an Altar in order to revive it.

:arrow: You can kick the bombs you place on the ground and you can shoot them to detonate them.

:arrow: You will be able to get magic/skills from the red treasure chests but many are also hidden in various locations, there are 2 abilities in the first village and one in the palace gate location just to name a few.

:arrow: when you play with mouse you can lift click on a tile and then keep holding the key and drag around the cursor to change the path and destination, once you let go the character will start walking.

:arrow: many of the objects in the game are destructible but only if you directly attack them or click on them. Objects that have

:arrow: Can i listen to my own music while i play the game? Sure, you can, go to the options menu in the start-screen and use the slider for BGM to turn off the game music so you only hear the SFX.

:arrow: i connected the game via HDMI to my TV and some of the HUD is cropped, what do? there are 2 things that can be done, first thing you should do is check your TV settings, most TVs have display options for HDMI devices and often crop the image. The second thing you can do is go to game options and use the Overscan correction slider, this will move the hud elements away from the screen boarder to prevent cropping.

:arrow: I have a touchscreen for my ps/laptop, can i use it? Yes you can, touch controls are supported on windows.

:arrow: The PC game can be played with a joypad, by default the mapping is set for a Logitech joypad but it also supports a PS4, xbox360 and sbox one pads and allow custom mapping. You will find a text file in the installation directory of the game on how to change those settings.

:arrow: when making loop runes try to enclose other objects such as trees, stones or even foes inside the loops to see what happens.
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