Chelsea offers £700 million to Morata

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Chelsea offers £700 million to Morata

Postby fifa17coins » Mon Jun 19, 2017 6:29 am

From the British and Western media earlier reports, Manchester United signed Mora Rita basic just a matter of time. But everything has not been finalized before the possibility of change, fifa coinsthe British media "Daily Mirror" revealed that the Premiership another local tyranny Chelsea have decided to join the battle to Mora, they intend to take the hands of Manchester United Hu Mora tower.
Chelsea side has its own wishful thinking, they are in the array of Costa is about to leave the team, the Blues intend to let Mora tower to fill the vacant after the departure of Costa, although Chelsea are still conspiracy to repurchase Lukaku. "Mirror" pointed out that although Mora has reached an agreement with Manchester United, but Chelsea Abu plans to directly hit 70 million pounds to grab people.
Conti and Costa have completely turned out, Costa did not leave the team may be. "Mirror" revealed that Atletico Madrid has decided to put Coss West in the near future offer, although Atletico this summer is suffering from FIFA signings ban, but this does not affect their contract Only, Atletico in the summer cannot sign the players to register, Costa even if this summer transfer Atletico can only wait until January next year to play again for the bed corps.
In 2014, Chelsea bought Costas to spend 3,000 pounds. It is reported that Atletico Madrid this offer for 2400 pounds for Costa, Chelsea had to buy the original price of less than 600 million pounds. For this price, Abu is estimated that will not be released, engage in football is not playing charity. Just, Costa tried to return to Atletico, do not know he will not put pressure on Abu.
Conti is still on vacation, fifa coins zone he told the high level to buy Mora's attitude. Yesterday, the British media have revealed that Chelsea slow transfer action provoked Conti furious, Abu has promised the Italian coach, the latter will increase the rate of signings. For Real Madrid, they naturally want to see Manchester United and Chelsea grab the situation, because then they can fisherman profit.
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