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Grimm Bros Forum Rules

Postby Grimm Bros Elders » Wed Sep 18, 2013 3:28 am

Always respect your fellow members.
Name calling and insults will not be tolerated, nor will harassment of any sort.

No racism, sexism, or any sort of prejudice will be tolerated.
If you don't like black gay midget jews, then post about it elsewhere.

It's not the language you use, but how you use it.
Saying 'f***' won't get you in trouble, but 'f*** you' will.

Do not harass other users.
If someone asks you to stop sending them messages, stop. If you don't and they report you for it, there's going to be problems.

Do not spam.
Spamming is posting or commenting simply for the sake of posting. This includes Blogs and User Reviews, if you're not willing to put in some effort, then don't make a Blog or User Review. Also, do not clutter up other people's blogs with pointless comments that benefit no one.

Do not post nudity.
We like pretty people too, but this isn't a porn site and your account will be banned.

Don't be mean to new people.
This can all be confusing to someone who just stumbles upon the site, so help them along.

Do not discuss or link to sites that commit or promote illegal activities such as pirating movies, music, or games.
This includes ROMs, despite what you may or may not think about their legality.

Do not argue with mods or admins in comments or blog posts.
You will undoubtedly get trumped and be sad. Messaging that mod hate mail or arguing in the forums will only solidify whatever punishment you were given and will lead to a harsher punishment.

Do not post or link to any joke sites.
Specifically those which result in pop-up cascades or equally annoying artifacts of the internet.

Do not post or link to any referral advertising sites.
People won't click on your link, and you'll get permanently banned. It's not worth it, and the deal is probably too good to be true anyway!
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