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sleeve bearing bronze bushings bearing manufacturers

Postby slidebearng » Mon May 22, 2017 2:56 am

Steel and copper welding characteristics
mounted bearing are the longest of our lives to see the two metal materials, both metallic materials often used in industrial processes among self-lubricating copper sleeve today we would say something about "steel and copper welding characteristics" it.

Steel and copper welding characteristics - Copper welding:

spherical bearing is the material (in this case copper), pour copper or pressure or both, by heating the steel and use, with or without filler material and the workpiece material and construction of copper reached between atoms to form a permanent connection the process is generally used for industrial copper welding process, the workpiece and the solder is melted to form a molten region, the connection between the material after cooling and solidifying the molten pool is formed. This process, usually also need to apply pressure. Copper welding energy source there are many, including a gas flame, electric arc, laser, electron beam, friction and ultra wave. Before the 19th century, the only welding process is a copper smith followed hundreds of years of high-strength brass metal forge welding. The earliest modern copper welding technology in the 19th century, the first arc and oxyfuel welding, resistance welding occurred later.

Copper welding category: metal copper welding, according to the characteristics of the process of the divided welding, pressure welding and brazing three categories.

Welding the workpiece in the welding process is a copper interface is heated to the molten state, without the pressure to complete the copper welding. When welding, heat the workpieces to be welded at the interface rapidly heated and melted to form a molten pool. Bath with the heat source is moved forward to form a continuous weld after cooling to connect two workpieces become one.

In the welding process, if the atmospheric temperature of the bath and direct contact with atmospheric oxygen will be oxidized metal and various alloying elements. Atmospheric nitrogen, water vapor from entering the pool, but also in the subsequent cooling process to form pores in the weld, slag, cracks and other defects, deterioration in the quality and performance of the weld.

In order to improve the quality of welding copper, people come up with various protection methods. For example, gas shielded arc welding is to use argon, carbon dioxide and other gases from the atmosphere to protect the arc and weld pool rate copper welding; Another example is steel welding copper, added to the oxygen affinity of titanium-iron powder in a large electrode coating is carried out oxygen, can protect the electrode in the beneficial elements manganese, silicon oxide and the like from entering the pool, access to quality weld after cooling.

Bonding is under pressure, so that the two artifacts in the solid state to achieve inter-atomic bonding, also known as SP-30 ball transfer unit,250kg load capacity ,30mm machined ball unit. Commonly used pressure welding process is a resistance welding, when current flows through the connecting terminal when two workpieces, where due to great resistance and temperature rise when heated to a plastic state, under axial pressure connections become one.
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