oilless bushing,oiles bushing bronze bearing manufacturing c

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oilless bushing,oiles bushing bronze bearing manufacturing c

Postby slidebearng » Mon May 22, 2017 3:07 am

Steel and copper welding characteristics - steel welding

mounted ball bearings material under defined conditions to the construction according to the design requirements of the member, and the ability to meet predetermined service requirements. By welding material, welding method, the component type and the requirements of the impact of four factors. Carbon steel is iron-based, iron-carbon alloy, alloy elements carbon, carbon mass fraction of less than 1%, in addition, the manganese content does not exceed 1.2%, mass fraction of silicon less than 0.5%, after neither as an alloying element. Other elements such as Ni, Cr, Cu etc. controlled within the limits of the remaining amount, but not as an alloying element. Impurity elements such as S, P, O, N, etc., depending on the varieties and grades of steel, are strictly limited. Thus, carbon steel weldability mainly depends on the carbon content, with the increase of carbon content, the weldability becomes worse, of which the best low-carbon steel welding,

Steel and industrial bearings characteristics:

Atomic radius of Fe and Cu, lattice type, lattice constant and the number of outer electrons are relatively close, this welding between steel and copper by more favorable. However, the melting of steel and copper welding there is a certain degree of difficulty, mainly as follows:

(1) The different physical properties of steel and copper, and the melting point of the big difference in coefficient of linear expansion. Linear expansion coefficient of copper in the welding process will produce a large welding stresses.

(2) thermal conductivity of copper is 8 times more than steel, steel bath cooling rate is much greater than the diffusion of hydrogen and water escaping floating condition even worse, to form a gas empty sensitivity increases.

(3) At or near the weld seam zone prone to hot cracking, impact strength and airtightness of the joint, which is the focus of the welding process to solve the problem. Because steel and copper contained - quantitative impurities such as oxygen, sulfur and phosphorus. During the welding process called these elements are easy to form co-crystals and brittle compound and stored in a variety of low melting point grain boundary welds, severely weakened the binding force between the metal crystal at high temperatures, is mainly thermal cracking of weld the reason. Moreover, the impact of the iron to heat weld cracking tendency is relatively large. According to the information, when the iron content of 10 to 43%, the oilless bushing,oiles bushing bronze has the best crack resistance. Therefore, the control of weld fusion ratio is very important part.
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