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Tandem DFS Story

Postby Mike Nilun » Wed Apr 23, 2014 2:00 am

Tandem = working together!

Who wants to help make something entertaining for us all to enjoy? I'd love to see this take off.

Here's what I figure. This could change or expand if it's not dialed in just right, but let's see where it goes with just a few simple ground rules:

#1: Continue where the person before you left off.
#2: Keep it short and sweet. At least add a couple complete sentences, but try to stay within 200 words.
#3: Bonus coolness points if you end your segment in mid-sentence to spice it up for the next person.

I'll start. Okay. Here we go. Deep breath. Tai Chi meditation sequence. And we're off:

Rain. Rain and blood.

Here I lie, back against a tree, hips broken and clothes soaked through. My cloak is tied tight around the fracture site, but I don’t think it’ll do much good. I think I’m going into shock. Up above, the treetops are spinning and blurring into the dark grey sky. I can hardly hold myself upright anymore.

That damned Red Robin is going to pay if I make it out of this. Six years I trained those skeletons. I brought them out of their primal, single-minded existence. I gave them a purpose. In less than an hour that blonde fool destroyed everything.

No magic on Asura can save me now. I’m fading fast. But if somehow I wake up again, skin and body and thoughtful mind still intact, I’m going to bring a new kind of fight to her front door. Asura save you, Red Robin, for I will


P.S. If this does take off, I'll update, color code, and add credits to the original post to reflect progress as we go along.
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