Paulinho: I am considering joining Barca

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Paulinho: I am considering joining Barca

Postby fifa17coins » Tue Jul 11, 2017 2:16 am

Barcelona in the signing of Villati after the failure, and now the number of signings will be set in the Pauline body. While the Brazilian Band television broadcast on the interview of Paulo, Hengda midfielder said he was indeed considering the invitation of Barcelona, if that did not want to join Barcelona is lying.
"I have a good time now, so the decision to make the current stay is very difficult, I did receive the invitation of Barcelona, when such a club invited you, you need to take a good consideration.I am not a hypocrite, I said Did not want to join Barcelona, then I was lying. This is the world's best club, there are many great players, to play with them is my dream, but I still want to keep calm,fifa 17 coins I made the decision never No regrets."
Then Pauline confirmed that Hengda and Barcelona did not reach an agreement for the time being. "I had had contact with Barcelona before, and they had a quote from Hengda, and talked to Mr. Xu, but did not reach an agreement." Barcelona made a very good condition for me, better than I thought now. I only listen to the arrangement of God, I believe Hengda will make the best decision for me, I can do is to continue to do their own work, I am very happy in China.
"World Sports Daily" said: Paulini has begun to put pressure on Hengda, he is about 29 years of age, the future have their own opportunity to return to the European League, but also Barcelona so giants, Paulini know that this may be their own The last chance, do not want to miss and Messi, Nemal this level of players to play with the opportunity. And Paulini in order to join Barcelona or even willing to pay, and now their own salary in the Hengda is 9.5 million euros, the future may be half of the increase in Barcelona.fifa coins
And Nei Maer himself is also looking forward to Paulini joined. "He is my friend, I hope he can sign Barcelona, if Barcelona has him, we will win more."
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