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Postby Xiaoyeshi » Sat Sep 02, 2017 2:36 am

Plastic Components instead of metal?

A plastic or a plastic component is a mixture containing a base material (a polymer) Russell Martin Jersey , which may be molded, shaped, generally under heat and pressure to lead to a semi-product or an object. Plastic materials cover a wide range of man-made polymer materials. Today we can observe on the same material properties that have not previously been combined, e.g. transparency and impact resistance.

Generally, engineering polymers are not used in the "pure" state, but mixed with substances miscible or not in the polymer matrix. Typical Structure of a formula = plastic polymer (s) Gross (s) (resin (s) basic) + expenses + plasticizer (s) + additives.

There are a large number of plastics, some enjoying great commercial success. Plastics come in many forms, injection molded parts, tubes, fibers, sealants, films, fabrics Roy Halladay Jersey , coatings, etc. They are present in so many areas, even in the most advanced technology.
If we can trace the history of plastics in antiquity, it is mainly from the late nineteenth century that their use grew with the development of synthetic plastics. Hundreds of scientists and engineering tinkerers are responsible for this growth. The first artificial plastic is the result of chemical processing of natural polymers such as cellulose and casein (the macromolecular skeleton being preserved during this transformation). The first engineering plastic based on a synthetic polymer is Bakelite.
The properties of plastic materials continue to improve. Plastics are light. Many things that were once made of wood, glass or metal are now often made of plastic. Plastics insulate electricity, which makes these materials suitable for an insulation layer around wires. Plastics are recyclable; i.e. plastic that are thrown away can be recycled. Other advantages of plastics are that they do not break easily and do not rust.

There is the growing use of plastic components instead of metal parts, as metals are often more expensive, more susceptible to corrosion, or heavier. Some technical characteristics of plastic differ significantly from those of metals.
Although, the results of plastics manufacturing is highly dependent on the unique characteristics of the type of used plastic (Acrylic, Plexiglas, nylon, etc.) Roger Clemens Jersey , the process itself has a number of advantages, including:

• Easy to form: Due to the low melting point and a high flexibility as compared with other materials, plastic can be formed in simple and complex geometries with relative ease.
• Less finish: In contrast to most metals, plastics can be colored prior to manufacture, eliminating the need for post-treatment processes, like painting.
• Faster production: Plastic manufacturing is often associated with fast cycle times and fast turnover.
• Lighter weight: Plastics typically weigh less than metal of similar dimensions.
• Chemical resistance: Plastics are normally less prone to damage by chemicals or chemical reactions, such as oxidation or rusting, than metal.

Some real world uses include plastics such as Teflon, phenolic, PVC, and delrin in components like threaded rod, screws, washers Roberto Osuna Jersey , spacers, fastener, threaded post and other plastic hardware.

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